Euro vs Turkish Lira


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Euro is okey and you may pay the fees. But for example, you go to a restaurant and want to pay the fee with EURO. But the chief of the restaurant may exchange your EURO with bad rates that generally happen in tourism centers in Turkey. My recommendation is that you should go to exchange offices and banks and ask for the exchange rates. When you find the best rate then exchange enough amount of money ;)


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fish05 said:
Hey Guys,

How widely accpeted in the euro or would u need some lira too?

Thanks for all the help so far !!
Hi Fish05,

I have used Euros & Lira in Kus, Euros are widley accepted (especially in the restuarants & bars) but i do think you get a better deal when paying in Lira.

have a look around before you to Turkey, i know here in England many of the travel agencys / Bureau de change has commission free on all foreign currency.
hi when i went to turkey they usually expect you to pay with euro because we are english speaking but they usually accept both but from past experience iv noticed they always tell me prices in euro xxx :)
You can use both, but when you pay in Lira's it's less expensive. And for dolmus etc, is easier to pay in Lira's. So take both with you !
For me its not better with lira. i always pay in euros : restaurants, bars, shops, taxis... exepted when i take the dolmus, or when i go in excursion. A least i no exactly what i pay. I know the rates, i always ask how much is it in liras, but i prefer being sure with euros...
i cant wait havin these new billets in my hand! but ill keep my euros.... i remember when i went in bar sreet with my euros, the waiters wanted to give back my money with liras... But i wanted havin back euros... One day i couldnt stand with that. I came in shops with at least 150 € billets n i ask them changin with euro coins. When i went to bar sreet and paid with coins, i make them crazy!!! but they finished by acceptin them, ha ha!


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Mrs Magsfhy and I went shopping a bit during the first couple of weeks of April. Everything was quoted in Lira the first week in April, then the tourists arrived in on the Easter flights and the prices went straight to Euros. Was quite interesting as often the same amount was quoted! (eg doubled!).