Easter visit

We are all heading out for Kusadasi at Easter and I have never been at this time of year before.
Can anybody let me know how busy I can expect it, can I expect to need sunscreen (please say yes). And.. has the rate of the euro really made things that mush more expensive this year?

I have always found the Turkish people to be one of the most adaptable anywhere, where cash is concerned. I think they would accept shirt buttons in the bar if they could cash them in the bank, hahahaha. I never worry about having either sort of currency on me as I know it is always warmly accepted. I just want to know I have enough!!
People in Kus are telling me they expact the season start this year, half of April ! So I guess it will not be to busy when you are there...but you'll never know. And in Kus you are bount to have a good time !! :)


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Hi Finchie,

I know what you mean about the weather here, it is hailing so hard outside :( ..least theres no snow in my part of the UK!!

The tourist season begins around 1 May (that is when all the charter flights from the UK & ireland begin)
I believe the flights start slightly earlier (mid april) from Mainland Europe.

Easter will still be pretty quiet, you will find alot of the restuarants & Bars will not be open. Centrum will have some places open, Ladies beach i expect most places will be closed.

The weather will be ok, but not sunbathing weather. (but still a lot nicer than over here) you never know tho .. take your sunscreen, you may get lucky!!!!

Have fun ... :)

[edit] ...just found this ..may be os some help to you!!

Average temperatures in Turkey

**claire** said:
The tourist season begins around 1 May (that is when all the charter flights from the UK & ireland begin)
I believe the flights start slightly earlier (mid april) from Mainland Europe.

Flight's from here start last week of April !


You may be lucky with the weather ar easter, if the suns shining and your in a sheltered area you can get a nice colour. I was there in December and our balcony had the sun in the morning it was nice and sheltered. We sat out a couple of mornings and i managed to get a nice glow. I was also told that some people were even down on ladies beach. Christmas morning was lovely there.

You'll have a ball whatever the weather because kusadasi has such a warm friendly atmosphere.

Where are you planning on staying? Or have you booked yet?
Yeseree Bob the weather in May will be great not too warm and not Cold!!! If im buying a stitch of clothing this weekend its going to be bloody thermals vests or pull some bloke to keep me warm for the rest of the winter!
Thanks everybody for the replies.

I think it's safe to assume that it will be warmer than Wales.. but not as hot as summer time!!

We have flights sorted out..(not too bad prices either)..
We have a place of our own Jenny... The villas on Ponz down on Ladies Beach, were all sold off last summer and we was lucky enough to buy one of them,. we have our holidays sorted now for the next god knows how many years..:)..
Lucky ain't we??
COOL you have your own place, thats even better home from home. The houses/apts down by ladies beach are lovely.

As i said if the sun is shining and you sit somewhere sheltered you will get a colour!! Im the biggest sunworshipper going.

Well let us know how you get on!!

Did you get a bargain with your villa, i know someone thats interested in buying. She's interested in that particular area too. She's looking for an investment really, as opposed to a holiday home.

Cheers and enjoy your hols.
Just want to add something: touristic season starts beginning of April already because Belgian and Dutch touroperators start with Easter to fly on Kusadasi ! Maybe it will be still quite calm in the beginning but shops and bars will start to open from then on.