Looking for Estate Agents in Kusadasi

Hi ya Sharky.
I can recommend the agents I used. I am sure others who come onto the boards can do the same with there agents too.
If you want the name of the agents I used I would be happy to pass it onto you.

Buying overseas is not like buying in the UK.. Most of the business is done on trust. (i have said it before.. trust isn't a word we think of when we think of UK estate agents).. When you go out to view , keep an open mind. Meet a few different agents and check they are registered. You must be completely happy with the people who you select to act for you because you have to have a lot of faith in them. It's a fairly quick to buy when you are in Turkey but remember one thing..
Don't leave your brain on the plane!! Think, keep your wits about you and don't become one of the horror stories we hear so much about. If you act like a lemon you are asking to be squeezed.

enjoy you trip.
Will be writing a thorough article on estate agencies and their practises very soon! So if you are in the throws of buying a property you wont want to miss this - stay tuned!