hi im a newbie

hello all, my name is paul im married with 4 kids two of each (must buy a tv ) .the wife and i are looking to buy a place in kusadasi .so we joined your fourm for any advice from people who have bought in turkey .thanks for reading my post . :)
Welcom here Paul !! There are lots of people who will give you so advice about buying a house there ! When you like I can give you a telphone number of an English speaking real astate office in Kus !! Just let me know

Hiya Paul..
Good to see you here. I am sure you will gets lots of great advice here. Enjoy your time on the boards and ask what ever questions you have.. The only silly question is the one you don't ask!!

take care


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Welcome to the forums Paul!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you find this site helpful and informative and you get the advice you are looking for. You're really lucky to be buying a house in Kus. I would give my right (or left) arm to have a villa there. Anyway I hope the buying process goes smoooooothly for you, and don't forget to invite us to your house warming party :p :p

Mella xo


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Hi Paul,
Welcome to the Forum!!
There are a few members who have purcahsed or in the process of purchasing property in kus, Just fire away with your questions & hopefully someone will be able to help you out!!
hello and welcome to the forum,u should get all the

advice here as alot of people have been buying alot of

houses in kusadasi. it does seem very popular.