Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas​

Whats your favourite valentine day gift and what you bought for your partner?

Whats your cool valentine's day gift ideas?
Well Umit, I can give you my home-adress en let you surprise me !! :p

I still think red roses (cliche) are the most wonderfull gift !



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I got a 'me 2 you' teddy...They are so adorable. I want roses though I looooooooove them.

My funny friend sent me a card that said:

''Sorry i won't be giving you my heart this year...But i do have another throbbing organ you might be interested in....''

which was just ahhhhhh the best card i could have hoped for *rolls eyes* :D


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The best gift i have recieved were tkts to see my favorite band at the time.

The best gift i have given ... Ohh well that would be telling :eek: :D


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Hehe the best gift i have given is a trip to Victoria secrets and then..ah you know the rest...... ;)

I'll email you the yellow BMW M3 Umi wumi :p :D
my ideal gift would to be put in a box and posted to turkey!!so the ideal gift wud be moi!!lol!!!or my turkish fella put in a box n sent to me mmm!!wud be so nice i wouldnt send him back thats for sure!!lol!!
I got a special Valentine's edition Guess watch which I found really original and pwetty!!!!! And white stem roses.. which are always a hit on my chart!