Hi Men Of Turkey

I am staying in the palmin Hotel 3rd to 10 April
anyone got any idea of the men in Kusadasi, I am 40 (IN my prime) I hear they got nice ass's, or is it a place just for the young people.....no harm in looking !! :p


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Hi Susan,

Welcome to the forums, Chick!

Turkish men (well, Turkish people as a whole) are LOVELY. You will be very pleasently suprised at just how charming, warm and welcoming they will be towards you.

Also, no...It is not just a place for the young people. Kusadasi is for everyone and anyone...

You will have a great time in April. Don't forget to just rummage around the forums because i'm sure you'll find some threads that'll be extreamly helpful and informative for your holiday. :)

Mella xo

PS) yes they have very nice arses :p
Hi Susan,

welcome here, Mella is right Kusadasi is for everybody so much fun. Turkish people are great, have a warm heart. And yeah well the guys....mmmmm ;)

Have fun in April !!

turkey is great for all ages and everyone is so wonderful and your more than likely to find one of the lovely members of this forum will be there at the same time as you and will help u out and show u around! theres always somebody there hehe xxx
Hi there! WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! Just wanted to say that u r going to the most beautiful country ever and u will have a great time for sure! Have fun! (which I'm sure u will ;) )

xxx S.


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turkish men are hot and sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy and gorgeous !!! h33 h33 .. and they very romantic.... they do have sexy asses !!! feeling bad here !!!
doesnt matter how old you are to be honest a lot of turkish men have older girlfriends and wifes but be carefull not all turkish men are the same i had a few friends who are much older than me who i have been on holidays with and some of the men they met were money mad and what they could get from the girls but on the other hand im with a turkish man and he is so different than some of those i met. any way your a big girl now and im sure you will know if you are being taken for a ride.
all turkish men are lovely in their own way
welcome to the forum

i've been to turkey since I was 3
and had so much fun with turkish guys.
from when I was little to now,
all the guys have had a laugh with me and my sister!

They are so sweet and just enjoy laughing with you...
plus their bums are a added bonus :lmfao: :lmao:!!!!

Jen x
hmmmmm Im sure youll have a fab time...welcome to the Forums!

Alot to be said about Turkish People...

only one word can sum them up


especially the men with the lovely bums!....