Must do's in Kus!

Hi guys,

Is there any MUST DO'S In kus? I heard that the turkish baths are fantastic! Has anybody else a few tips for me? Is there trips that can be organised and that kinda stuff?

Cheers! :cheers:


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not like this, but you can anyway do that in the boats ;)

Let us wait other members to see this thread, they will put numerous tips here.


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Theres lots of 'Must Do's' in Kusadasi. Also it's great because it's within such close range of some great sightseeing day trips. Such as;

  • Ephesus & House of Virgin Mary: Ephesus

  • There are 3 aquaparks in Kusadasi
    1. Aquafantasy (Pamucak area - close to Tusan Beach)
    2. Adaland (so closer to Tusan Beach Hotel)
    3. Aqualand (in Longbeach area - 20km away from Tusan Beach)
    Adaland website
    Aqua Fantasy Website

  • The Turkish Night is A MUST SEE. It's great... You can read more about that here;
    Turkish Night

  • Proper Tours available: Tours


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There is so much to see in kusadasi ... Carmella has covered just about everything!!

Ephesus is probably the most historical attractions to visit ... & really is a must for a day off the beach!

There are some nice boat trips, not really boozy type trips, but nice relaxing days out where you can have a few beers & enjoy the sun & the scenery.

I would highly recommend a turkish bath (haman) go during your first few days if possible ... it will make your tan last a lot longer!!! (Not to mention it feel's devine!!)

I have not done the Turkish night, but have heard great things about it ..

My top thing to do is as Admin said ... watch the sunset over ladies beach ...:) it really is one of the most beautiful sunsets i have ever seen (& ive travelled all over the world) you can sit in one of the many bars, drinking a cold Efes & just enjoy the peacefullness of the sun disapearing into the sea....:inlove:
Kusadasi ideal for day trips around
Ephesus great ancient city of Romans and temple of Artemis which is one of the 7 wonders of ancient world.
More to see and talk about. get in touch as i am an official tour guide who may take you around. :)


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limerick_lad said:
Thks for all the info! So what exactly is a Turkish night? What happens?
You will see traditional entertainment by belly dancers and traditional folk music. included is an all you can eat traditional turkish buffet dinner and unlimited drinks including beer, wine & soft drinks.


Kevin ... also look at this thread, everyone is begining to fill it out, will give you some ideass of bars / resturants etc to visit while your in Kus!!
i must do in kusadasi is get really really drunk dance on tables buy a kebab on ur way home n then collapse on ur bed!n wen u wake up in the morning vow never to do it again then go out and do it all over again!!!!lol!


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Jenny said:
Sorry whats in the National Park?

Is the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus?

  • The National Park is the ideal place to escape from town fuss and noise is a well-merited rest and beach afternoon in the national park (since 1960's) of Kalamaki in the "Dilek Peninsula". Located approx. 30 km South of Kusadasi, it is only 1-2 km far from the Greek island Samos.

    The Kalamaki beaches count several bays of which the most important ones are Icmeler (1st bay and only sandy one), Kavakli and Karapinar.

    Kusadasi.Biz National Park
Cheers for that, have you been yourself? Is it worth a visit? Could you get a dolmus there, or perhaps a cab?

Its more like a little beach.


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Eline said:
That's what we are going to do then, when we are in Kusadasi this summer. Toch...Mell ?? :)
Yeah chick definately :) . It will be a fun day! We can take a liquid...erm i mean a packed lunch. ''The blondies do national park''