When does the season start?

Hey guys!
I know that most of the hotels in Kusadasi will be open in April, but do you no when exactly tourists season begin there?
When bar street n all shops will be open? is it in May or before?
I think that it normally starts in may, but i was talking with a friend and they are expecting the season to start earlier this year, some time in april i think!!
So maybe it will be busier in May than last year! Great!
(coz all bars were quite empty last year, even in Jimmys the second floor was... how can i say... quiet?)
I hope it will be busy!! There seems to be quite a few of us going from this site, so i guess if no one else is going to be there, kusadasi will just be full of the kusadasi.biz girls :miranda:
Just for one week becasue i have exams at the end of May for university :(

But i will be back second week in August and il be there for about 6 weeks id say