Theo van Gogh

Here in Holland at 2 November 2004 Theo van Gogh was mudered. Theo was a famous person in our country, moviemaker / TV personality. In the middle of the day he was killed by a gunshot, after that the murderer stabbed him 2 times in the belly and cuts his throat. Then the killer leaves 2 letters with the body. Theo was a person with a strong opion, and not a supporter of the Moslim-community.

After a short pursuit the killer is arrested. His name is Mohammed B. After investigation he appears to be a member of the "Hofstadgroep" a grouping of radical moslims. One of the letters left at the body was a dead-threat to a Politician miss Hirshi Ali (she and Theo made a movey about the Koran). Hirshi Ali was into hidding for 2,5 months because of the dead-threat. The police also found out that the Hofstadgroep had a list of people the where planning on killing.

This is a short version of what happend, but you can imagine it caused a lot of commotion here in Holland. From 2 november till now there have been series of attacks back and fort....arsons, fights, bespatter of buildings etc etc.

Today there is in the news there was another arson at an Islamitic school. And it worries me....these things are really wrong. Dutch people are getting more and more anti-Moslim. And really we are a rich country with lots of religions and people from all over the world.
Ofcourse it's understandible that Dutch ar angry...but where is this leading to??

Just wonder how it is in your countries ore what you think about such things happening :(



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Yes, the killing of Theo Van Gogh really dented Dutch confidence that unconditional tolerance can be on its own the unifying principle of a viable society.

For me...The Netherlands was (is) a place where people do not have to hide their opinions, Known for its freedom of expression. People could voice their feelings openly without fear of prejudice. I guess not anymore, as that killing showed. It sucks that nowadays you cannot express yourself without the fear of something happening.

However, I reallllly don't think the Dutch people should be weary of Muslims, just because of that. I mean you should not stereotype whole religions/cultures/people just because of one group of radical muslims.

This is a statement from a Muslim man, that i read after it had happened, and He is totally right:

''Somebody who kills a person because of his statements and opinions does not know anything about the Koran or Islam. This cowardly deed was done by an individual who does not even respect the holy month of Ramadan.''
That story was so sad ...nobody has right to kill someone but its also so sad after that event how dutch people treat moslims ...striking their schools , to the mosques .....Im not good at politics but Europe in 21st century racisim is so high and its getting higher day by day .
How can I say this without sounding like I want to justify what happened...

Okay let me put it like this: I find what happened really bad and in extreme contrast with everything the Dutch society and legal system stands for. Of course, no one has the right to take someone's life. Freedom of speech is a sacred constitutional priviledge. However, this happening was to be expected.

The thing with Theo van Gogh what made me very mad is that he was constantly defending his freedom of speech and because of that felt he was able to do/say anything he felt like because it's his born right. But, how about another consititutional law forbidding people to make hurtful, discriminating comments about someone else's religion. If you're gonna defend your own rights, you MUST respect someone else's rights as well and he DIDN'T. This is where he went wrong, the things he said and the movie he made were very discriminating and hurtful towards the Muslim/Turkish/Moroccan etc. people in Holland. he should've known that some idiot, Mohammed B. in this case, would take his revenge, it wasn't a case of 'if' but a case of 'when'...

In my eyes, he pushed his luck too far and this was a treath waiting to happen.. and unfortunately it did and Holland is back to square 1.

I'm so sick and tired of taking the blame for what other Muslims or Turks or foreigners do in this country. People tend to always judge us as a group and not as individuals. When one of us screws up we all get called "the same" in most cases.
Hi B,

Well I see your point(and respect it) , but Murder is no way to solve things!! And ofcourse it's so wrong for people to judge other relegions ore nationalities as a group. Everybody shout judge others as induviduals. But luckely we see that...I hope it can mean a change for next generation !! We are the one's to give good examples to our kids.

The thing here in Holland is, we are very tolerant. And maybe sometimes to much. When I go to Turkey this summer I will try and do my best to fit in...and I will respect the culture, hoping they will respect mine to !!

But I realise, that's the way I am / think. Not every Dutchman would like to mix and not every immegrant doesn't try. But the sad thing is...a few "extreme" people spoil it for the rest.

Let's try and respect other cultures in our country, so they can respect ours !!

I am a turkish citizen living in the Netherlands for one year , i was also bit shocked with Theo Van Gogh murder , i have seen some parts from his movie and there are many things to make a strict muslim angry but there are many other ways to show your reaction , sending emails or call , even go to court but never murder , i am really sorry for his family.

I like the freedom in Holland , different cultures , religions ..
But what i dont like is , when i women buys sth new and ask to her friend :
How do you find ?
Ohhh mooiiii! but allways :) it gives me the feeling that they are not allays honest:))

Have a nice day