any1 ??

well the title is

Investigating the effect of the concentration of the enzyme, yeast catalase, on its reaction with hydrogen peroxide.

iv done the experiment n have results but iv got to do calculations and i dont know which ones!
kusadasigirl69 said:
i dont suppose anyone on here is a biology brain box?? iv got to hand my coursework in at exactly 2 pm today n i cant do it!! :cry:
Ask Smil, she's the brainy nerd! Lol :p (luvz ya chick!!!)

I wouldn't know.. I wasn't too strong in Bio...

:cry: noooo am gonna fail !!! why didnt i do it earlier :doh: i still dont think id no much more then than i do now tho!!i need to work out initial rate of reaction BUT i dont know how..