any1 ??

Damn.. that's too bad girl! I'm sure you'd find your answer on one of the sites!!!

Good luck anyways, let's hope for the best! I know the stress you're feeling all too well...
i thinking of the last resort!!pretend to be ill then i wont have to go to my lesson and hand it in!!!the only problem wit that is they may ring my mum n then il get nagged to death!!!
Well ring her before they do, explain the situation, and I'm sure she'll be on your side once she sees how desperate you are!

What kind of a school is that? Ringing your parents??? How old are you?? Geez... you're not in kindergarden anymore...


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Aw sarah! Hope you sort it out chick.

I would rather get in shit from my teacher anyday than get nagged to death by my mum. She is the queen of nagging


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I think it's an English thing!! If we took days off of college, or skipped lessons to goto the Pub they would ring our house phone and/or write letters!



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kusadasigirl69 said:
yeah there all just bastards!!lol!! its really putting me off going to uni i cant face 4 yrs more of this shit!!
Uni's not like that at all ......if you dont go to lessons, your the one who misses out (as they see it)

Uni is nothing like college ..... best years of my life so far!


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i was the same Sarah, School & college was SOOO long!! Uni is great, you will meet your best friends there , i left uni 7 :huh: years ago ... & my 4 best friends are all people i met there!

& as Carmella said .. 4 years of cheap beer cant be all bad!!! :p
iv done about catalysts but on other foods 4 my cw bt im in school it will speed up the reaction wont it and make the yeast extract expand or sumink :S tryin my best here lol. i hope u manage 2 succeed and finish it all im sure u will! which college do u go to? and which uni u looking at? sorry dont mean to be nosy just interested hehe :) xx
i go to sixth form collge im in my final year wooo!!i hoping to go to a teacher training college nearby god me a teacher it is quite funny am gonna have to get out of the habit of swearing in every sentence!!lol!! by the way went to biolgy today n had a moan that i couldnt do my project n got v.bollocked!!lol!! but am getting help wiv it now from my tutor! i really shouldnt have skived yesterday!!