Passport validity

How long does my passport has to be valid, to get a visa ??

Mine will expire in oktober 2005, do I have to go and get another one ?? :(


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i dont know the rules in holland, but i would imagien it is the same everywhere in Europe. you Must have 6 mths valid on your passport, from the date you travel.
you will need to get a new one chick!!!


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General tips for travel

I just found this .....

General tips for all travel:
  • Ensure you complete the next of kin details in your passport;
  • Make a note of your passport number and date of issue, and keep it separately in a safe place;
  • Leave a photocopy of your passport details page with a friend or relative at home;
  • Take a second means of photo identification with you;
  • Ensure that any children included on your passport will still be under 16 by the end of your journey
  • Some overseas countries have an immigration requirement for a passport to remain valid for a minimum period after entry to that country. If your passport is in its final year of validity, you are advised to check the requirements of the country of destination before you make your final travel plans.
  • Some countries are turning back visitors with a current passport that expires in less than six months, or in the case of South Africa, lacking at least two blank pages. Please check the requirements of the country of destination before you make your final travel plans.
For further travel tips and up-to-date advice, visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's 'Know Before You Go' web site at .

Eline .. this covers all European passport Holders!!
Oh guys I am such a dumb blonde girl... :(

I lost my passport :doh: :doh:

So yesterday I had to go to the police and report my loss... :eek:


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Hahaha aw babe! I have done that before.

I lost my passport, went to the police, filled in loads of forms, got new pictures taken. Sent all the forms away, got a new passport.

Then I found my passport in a draw in my room.

It must be a blonde thing.
That's what I was thinking, done everything to get a new one...and spending loads of euro's at it...then find it again..... :doh:

I'll let you know when I have 2 !! :D

Thanks for understanding me babe, everbody is lauging at me for being so stupid ! :cry: