Paradise Beach ,Silver sands

When i was last over in October we noticed an area with restuarants where the dolmus stopped .We are not sure if this is Silver sands or paradise beach.
Are these areas walkable from Love beach?
Both of these beaches have areas to eat!! I personally prefer paradise beach coz u dont get much hassle from people tryin to get u to eat in their restaurant!!! Also very friendly staff, and its so peaceful, just what i need when im topping up my tan, while still recovering from the night before
Paradise Beach is perfect

Hi some of you might remember I bought a lovely 4 bed 3 story house on Paradise beach last year and i agree it just right no hassle, quiet yet with a few bars and restaurants, 12 minutes from town, and mainly turkish people living around it, who are so friendly and courtious, also Club mercin beach is nearby which you can use the Bars restaurants etc.Altogether its got the balance of everything just right, and I was there last 25th Oct till 2 November and it was still 80+ deg F and swam in the sea every day.

Even my russian friend who is disabled anjoyed it beacause there are no Hills around there. He is called Ivor legOff.l :doh:


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Paradise beach is part of approximately 30km of sandy beaches split up as the Long Beach, Gold Beach, Silver Beach & Paradise Beach, (situated to the South Of kusadasi!)

I havnt been there (yet!) but it is on my list of places i must see as soon as possible!!

Ivor legOff. -- :D
**claire** said:
I havnt been there (yet!) but it is on my list of places i must see as soon as possible!!
Paradise beach is definately a must if all you enjoy is lazing round in the sun!! Although if you did want to do something a little more active, there is a stretch of beach a little further on, within walking distance, which has some water sports on offer!!