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I visited Kusadasi for the first time in January. Spent approx 2 weeks there and loved it. I fell in love with a villa near ladies beech and 10 minutes dimus in to Centrum of kusadasi. I came back approx 1 week later to sign a contract and found out the buyer had within from the sale. I met with him and he had told me that the estate agent knew one week before. I can not name the estate agent, but after doing research on them found out they were not the best in reliability. Still all worked out, the owner put me in touch with another family member who had the villa exactly the same next door for sale.
Went out again third time in 7 weeks,to sign the contract, went through notery as well as solicitor to ensure I will be legal owner of property. in fact I only returned yesterday, feel despressed as i have to wait 7 months now to go again.
Turns out I am only english on the complex, but hey I don't mind, Owner lives across the road, have met other new neighbors and they seem really nice. i hope to live there in the next few years, once my turkish is perfect and I have tied up things in England.
I am looking to meet other english people to have bought in Kusadasi, it will be nice to share information. Have met several people each time I have gone. i feel as though i want to move right now! The people are generally friendly and very helpful, yes you do have to be careful but you need to do that where ever you live!
I am interested in doing what you have done , just wondering about price. etc..I know it all depends on Size and position , but would be grateful of any help and advice


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some useful threads for you to look at!!

Hi Dee,
Welcome to the Forum,
you will find quite a few members who have purchased properties, i've posted a few links below, so you can see some of the threads about property!​
& finally here :)
Congratulations on your purchase, i hope you enjoy your time in Kusadasi for many years to come!!! :cool:
hi dee welcome your so lucky to have bought a house out there. thats what im planning to do in years to come but i got to get my head down at school 1st n get thru my exams hehe! well hope you ebjoy the forum as much as we all do and im sure you will find others who will have bought over there or are there for a lot of the year xxx
Hi we bought last July

Hi we bought a 4 bed villa last July been there 5 times already we're going back in March 20th the 2 weeks in May and two weeks in August any questions or advice im happy to help , Ian
hiya dee, i know its already been said but ur very lucky! i know i would love to live in kusadasi! good luck with your new place!