I think he's after logging off right now, but he told me it will be open around the 20th April and this is his last summer as manager there thank God ;)
dont no if i will recognize him (i saw ur pix sharin), but hope Kittys will be as well as last year. His waiters r the best team! (it was not my favorite bar, but i only discover it 2 days before comin back to France).
Yeh i love Kitty's, the staff are great. They are doing it up now so when you go back it will be different. No more Killarney Bar, just Kitty's :)

I just asked him when will it be open and he said 15th April
Was it two bars at the beginig? O God i dont remember but i only went to one bar in september just opposite to Jimmys. Was not small. The staff was Leo,Coco...And i dont remember the other names!!!! Was it Killarney or Kittys?
i like kittys and jimmys best they rule i think thats kittys croushy what your talking about. shannon do u mean they are officially changing the name to kittys?xx
It was both, it was called Kitty's and Killarney cos a few years ago it was 2 different bars. But now it is just gonna be Kitty's, the Killarney bar name will be gone