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I just returned from Kusadasi yesterday after visiting a few properties with a view to investing I am genuine with this enquiry all I want is some advice from people who may know more about the area's. I have seen 2 proprerties one close to ladies beach 200-250 meters. 5 bed house with shared pool but very little sea or pool view.
The 2nd is on a hill over same beach but maybe 700-800 meters from the beach. In a secure complex with shared pool and fantastic sea views and some pool view. the problem is the 2nd one has very small rooms and complex is guiet crowded. where the first is a much bigger house with more space around it. Would anyone have any advice of which would increase in value more or be likely to rent more easily.

Sorry if this post is not permitted I'm just trying to make a decision against a deadline.

Advice is hard to give ...but as they are both in the same area I would choose the one you like the most !!

Oh and welcome to the forum....Iám sure someone else here can give you a better advice :)


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Hi Tony,
firstly ... WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! :)

I think the best thing to do is have a look online & see what prices for rentals are the highest. i use these sites quite often clicky & clicky

i would personally think the larger house, closer to the beach, so a better location. would be a better investment, as far as rentals go, as it is larger & it can sleep more people.

Good Luck with your purchase, im sure it will work out well & be a beautiful holiday home for you which ever you decide!! :)
Im with you on this one Claire, if i were you i'd go for the bigger property with more space and also its location. It doesnt really matter if the views arent up to scratch when you can saunter down to the beach within minutes. More space means it will feel cooler in the hot summer months!
Hi ya Tony..

Welcome to the boards..

I am sure everybody will have a different opinion on what you should buy and why.. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself.. What you want to buy, and why you want to buy it..
Investment and rentals will push you one way ..
investment for personal use will be another..
property that is just for you and your family to use because you have heaps of spare cash hanging around will mean something very different..

If it's the last one.. ermmmmmmm can I be your new bestest friend please..

What ever you buy.. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend in Turkey.

take care..
Hi Claire
Thanks for the advice I hear and see mixed things for rentals any idea what is realistic ie. how many weeks rental would you get on average in a season.

Thanks Jenny

This is my first foregin purcahase and the nevres are getting to me. You don't think the sea view and pool view would be the big draw for rentals? Would many families tend to go to ladies beach area or is it mostly young people?



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Tony Halpin said:
Thanks Jenny

This is my first foregin purcahase and the nevres are getting to me. You don't think the sea view and pool view would be the big draw for rentals? Would many families tend to go to ladies beach area or is it mostly young people?

Hi Tony
I always go to Ladies beach... it is popular with all ages, in the hotels situated around there, you will get young couples, groups, young families, older couples etc

i think families like it as everything is so close, the beach, restuarants, cafes etc..the centrum only a few mins by dolmus. but your far enough away from the centrum that you havn't got the noise from the bars until the early hours.

Tony, im telling you the other one is smaller and further away! I mean unless you are looking straight out onto a brick wall i would definately go for the bigger property. Who needs a sea/pool view when the beach is practically on top of you when you open your front door. Ladies beach would appeal to young and old i would say.

Good luck and keep us all posted.


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Yeah, (Regardless of what men say...) Bigger is always better!! :p

Good luck choosing, I hope you will be very happy which ever one you pick.

Mella xox

Ps) Welcome to the forums! :)
Nice one Tony, your welcome! I hope it all works out, and you and yours enjoy lots of sunny holidays together. Looking forward to hearing all about the move.
Cheers Jen.
Deposit wired off to solictor based on agreed contract. So now its just a waiting game. Have got tax number and bank account during my visit last week so its all go.

Thanks for all the reassurance.

Ah well sure it was better than here i'd say. I was there at xmas and it was nice. There were a good few places open and so there was a good atmosphere around centrum. We did an awful lot of shopping and ate out a fair bit. Where there many places open?

Alot of the people that went out at xmas were either buying or had bought and were decorating their apartments. But your very lucky!!
There seems to be a lot of interest over here the house I bought is semi d and a guy I work with has decideD to buy the other semi. I've recieved a good few calls since coming back from Irish Agents who must have contacts with agents I spoke to in Kusadasi.
I go back out in may to assess the progress and signing on completion etc.
We didn't get much time for socialising went out friday back monday had to view decide and do all the documentation etc as well. hopefully the may trip will be different.
Any suggections on somone who would kit out the house with furniture for an all in price.