build a traditional turkish bath

I think u can ask in some Turkish areas, in Paris (Strasbourg saint Denis, or above Belleville). I think they can give u good builders adress :)


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Hahah that's like something Jade from Big brother would say babe!

Karlint you should just google it, you'll probably find loads of info. the internet is a fountain of knowledge...

karlint said:
can anyone help me find someone who can build me a traditional turkish bath (hammam) in Paris France ?
Thanks a lot. :huh: :)
Hello Maybe I can Help, I Just returned from Turkey last night to finish some research I have been working on to build one in Ft. lauderdale Florida, With your assistance I can build you one in Paris. I am a General Contractor in the US. I also have a Master Certificate in applied Project Managment. If you need my assistance I can help you as a Project Manager for your Project. Please feel free to contact me if you have any interest. My email is and my local mobile: 001 954 548-7848.
Hi everybody
Thanks to karlint for this hint on hamam architects. I have been looking for that kind of contractors for 4 years (!) and decided recently to abandon this design and switched to sometking more contemporary.. :doh: Maybe we can restart it, but the guys at dreamscreators seem booked like paris hilton.
thanks anyway.


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Well in the UK there is a skill shortage, but in 2/3 years that will be sorted due to all the imigrants we are getting