Im so bored !!!


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:( Im bored to death here , nothing do today . rather be in the beach having lovely hunks serveing me and saying romantic things if i was only there .. im on msn and yahoo but my friends not on >>> BORED here .. i might well:whistle: to myself.
Dont think u r they only one out there im also bored to death :( Its snowing outside like hell here in denmark and its freezing... Ohhhh how i miss turkey and the summer... cant wait till the season starts :)


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lets us have a snowball fight then ... throws the snowball at joanne missed her and it went straight to the boss of the room .... hiding now ...


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Wohoooo i'm not bored, Just frozen. Me & my friend just built the biggest snowman in the history of snowmenism. and threw loads of snowballs at passing cars.

21 going on 2. And proud!


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feels like a kid again rushing out to play in the snow ... last year when it snowed and i was going to throw a snow ball at my friend but it when straight to a mans face ... i had to duck down and pretent to pick something up while that man looked mad ..

what is the most embassing thing u ever done !!! as for mine you better ask my darling joanne cos she embassed me when she was small... :eek: