can anyone please please give me any info on how to go bout organising a wedding in kus, my friend is from dublin but wants to get married in kus, but she doesn't know where to start lookin, any info wud b greatly appreciated. : ;)


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what i know ..

You did'nt say if they are both Irish?
if he is Turkish this is what you will need to do...

Before you can marry in Turkey, she will need to do the following:

obtain a Certificate of Non-impediment from your local registrar in the town where you reside, before travelling to Turkey. This will take approximately 21 days.

With this document, your passport/identification and that of your fiancé/financee; your divorce papers i.e: decree absolute and or death certificate of spouse if applicable, you may apply to the British Consulate General in Izmir.

Your Certificate of Non Impediment will be reproduced in the Turkish language. In addition you will be required to make a sworn Declaration as to your status i.e: divorce/single/widowed confirming that you are free to marry.

they will have to go to the Beldige offıce to fıx the date, they will give them a date for the ceremony.

they will both have to have blood tests.

Im not to sure on any other details ..hopefully someone else will be able to help you out!! :)


sorry claire forgot to mention they are both irish but ta v much for the info, you've been more than helpful
lol iv never been on any other but i love this one everyone is brill you'll fit right in! i only been here less than a month and its great you'll love it :) xxx


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Shar, you can always ask our cool Member Shannon. She is getting married there in August. So, she might have some handy tips and good advice for you. :)
Whats the cert for impediment for? Is that written proof that you are elligable for marriage ie your single, widowed etc? I'd say it'll be so much cheaper to marry in Turkey. :)


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Jenny said:
Whats the cert for impediment for? Is that written proof that you are elligable for marriage ie your single, widowed etc? I'd say it'll be so much cheaper to marry in Turkey. :)
it is basically a form stating your name, that you are a British / Irish citizen, your passport number, mother & fathers name, and that you are free to be legally married.

Shar... I just found this may be of some help to your friends.

Make sure you take your certificate of no impediment from England with you and any divorce papers if necessary, plus 8 passport sized photos each for your wedding book.

Firstly go to the local municipal buildings in the town where you want to get married, to register the fact that you want to get married. They will start off the folder of paperwork you need. Then you have to travel to the nearest British Embassy, (Izmir) you should Allow a couple of days for this, because nothing involving paperwork works quickly in Turkey!!

take these back to the municipal building, where they will send you to the local hospital for blood tests, 4 each, AIDS, Hep B, Hep C and thallesemia. These cost about £10 per test but you get them back on the same day.

Then when you have all of the results it's back to the municipal buildings to book your wedding registra and decide where you want to get married, they will marry you virtually anywhere for a fee.

If you want the added benefit of your wedding being registered in the UK as well as Turkey, go to the local british consulate and fill in a Form 2B, this will be sent to the Turkish Consulate in London and registered there.

just like to thank everyone for their info, especially claire, its been a great help, people r so nice and helpful on this site