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  • Altitude: Sea level.
  • Airport: Bodrum (BJV), 37Km from the city center.
  • Resorts: Bodrum, Bitez, Turgutreis, Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Gundogan, Turkbuku, Torba, Yaliciftlik.
  • Transport: Taxi, Coach, Mini-Bus, Rent-a-Car.
  • Local Sights:
    · Gumbet topless beach.
    · Bodrum Castle, Museum of Underwater Archeology.
    · Mausoleum.
    · Pamukkale.
    · Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary.
    · Milas Carpet Village.

Although almost joint to Bodrum itself, Gumbet is fast becoming a self-contained resort. Once a sleepy fishing village, now Some of the most popular hotels in the region are to be found in and around Gumbet Bay. Gumbet, which is named after numerous white-domed cisterns in the area, is a holiday resort created to provide the usual facilities expected from a beach holiday. Unlike nearby Bodrum, Gumbet has a long beach curving around a bay, and the space for the hotels and apartments required to accommodate an expanding package holiday industry. Though officially it remains a suburb of Bodrum, Gumbet has grown to become a resort in its own right, with its own special character, temperament and appeal. Some of the most popular hotels of the region are to be found in and around Gumbet Bay.
The fun part of course, is its rollicking night life lived in its multitude of pubs, bars and discos, some boasting air-conditioning and sound-proofing and the cheapest beer to be found on the peninsula.

The center of Gumbet comes alive at night with several kilometers of rope lights in every conceivable color stretched around the outlines of almost every building, restaurant and disco bar. Each bar and club offers it's own special nights - there's something for everyone, from the 60's right through to today's music. There's dance floors, pool tables, laser shows, exotic dancers, live bands, karaoke and much more. Each bar/club has special prices on drinks, variety of beers, wines and spirits and all have a massive variety of cocktails at reasonable prices, while restaurants tempt the unwary with promises of Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai and even Turkish food, all from the same kitchen. The popularity of Gümbet has also generated serious nightlife and the streets of Gümbet vibrate 'til dawn with the music from numerous bars and streetside cafes.
As the sun comes up it's time for a traditional breakfast bowl of soup to help soak up the excesses of the night, a couple of hours sleep, an afternoon posing on the beach, and another night on the town.

On one of the hills near Gumbet, there is grave of famous Turkish author Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, known as the Fisherman of HAlicarnasus. Although he was not native of Bodrum, he was buried here after his last will. Cevat Sakir who came to Bodrum in exile, soon he fell in love with the town and people and spent the rest of his life here. Until he died, he wrote great number books and articles on Bodrum and Anatolian Civilizations.

Near to the grave of Cevat Şakir, there is also the tomb of a local folk hero Saldırşah who continued to fight after even his head had been cut off.

The long sandy beach is undoubtedly a great attraction, but it's the combination of the sea, sun, sand and fun that makes Gumbet so popular.The sheltered bay of Gümbet is only two-KM west of Bodrum and can be reached very easily by Turkish Dolmus. Gümbet features one of the longest and most popular beaches on the peninsula, the water is warm and the shallows gradually slope from the shore. A cool breeze blows in from the mouth of the bay even on the hottest days. A different kind of fun is to be had on the water where water sports are practiced with flair. As a result Gümbet is also one of the most popular watersports centers, with dinghyhire, water-skiing, windsurfing and parasailing available of the broad, sandy beach.
Because the beach is within an easy walk from most hotels and the central area, Gumbet is also a favorite with many families with children. It's a place favored the young and young at heart.
Nice post....

Personally mella, I hate the place and think it is well over rated as a resort. Theres so many more beautiful places neighbouring Bodrum.

Just my opinion....



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merlin said:
Nice post....

Personally mella, I hate the place and think it is well over rated as a resort.
I didn't overally love it either, mate. I felt like I'd stepped into the Costa Del Sol when I was walking through Gumbet. But many people seem to love it. But Bodrum is very near by and I really loved it there!

But I've spoken to people that adored Gumbet - different strokes for different folks & all that jazz.