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Ha ha not if you put in the same song like i did for each one! Sorry hun i think im lacking in imagination this morning! My song was "If i was i rich girl" by Gwen Stefani. Maybe this is a true indication to alot of aspects of my life at the moment ha ha.
a) Inform 12 people about this test!

b) gerodie is the one that you love. pump it up is the song that closely matches gerodie.

C) geordie is the person you care most about, but for some reason, things have not worked out. show me the light is the song that closely matches geordie.

d) john is the person you like.

e) lauren is someone that knows you very well.

f) You would consider nikki to be your lucky star.

g) call on me is the song that represents tells how you feel about your mind.

h) The song stronger, is very telling about how you feel about life.

i) Send this result to 10 people in an hour. Of course without your wish.

And your wish "i wish i could get out with geordie" will come true.

this is so ture apart from one thing!!!