sunbeds or sunspray before hols

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has anyone ever had a suntan spray done if so how long does it last as we usually have a course of sunbeds but we would love to try the spray tan just to get in the holidaymood 8) we have got that many answers of the shops that do the spray that we like to hear from someone that has had it done thank you julie


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Hey Julie :cheesy:
I had it done a few years back, it is pretty good, the colour is very even & saves so much time than doing the sun beds every day b4 you go.

I had mine done 1 week before i departed for my holiday, and it still looked good for the first few days before my real tan took hold.

i think the only benefit is that you look sun kisssed rather than like a pasty white chicken!!

I think sunbeds prepare your skin better, i have never been burnt after i have had a few sunbed sessions.

Good luck 8)


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just thought as well, the chemicals in the swimming pools, salt from the sea will also make the spray tan fade faster, but if you get some sun while you are in Turkey you will hardly notice!!

:oops: i wud not know about the pool water or the sea affecting my tan i cannot swim and very :oops:
to say am very scared of water ;)
i can sunbathe though 8)
i also like the boat trips :wave: but i do not move wen i am on the boat :oops: just like the views, the food and the tan :cheesy:
i have to cross my legs as i have not got sea legs to go to the :oops:
hi CLAIRE for that i will try the sprays i have been using sunbeds for many years now and have been told to keep of well i just think that being browner i can wear the pale clothes being so whiter than white in white clothes looks bad i feel thinner in dark skin julie :wave: