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3 men who are in prison for 50 years there are english,scottish,irish. so the warden say to all 3 men say what do you want something you like for 50 yrs in jail.so first one is english say i would like have a woman. okay put her in with him for 50 yrs. the next one is scottish say i would like 1000 case of bells whiskey okay put the cases of whiskey in the jail. the irish say i would like thousands of cigerettes okay puts boxes of thousand of cigerettee in the jail so 50 yrs later the warden open the door to see the english with woman and say wow he got 50 childrens wow they free. then the scottish one was heavy drunk for 50 yrs and smell awful they free and finally the warden open the jail door and he was really shock because the irish say i havent used the cigerette for 50 yrs the warden say why the irish say you forgot to give BOXES OF MATCHES ha ha !!!!


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One day a father and his son were driving down the road and the father pulled over at a beer store and went in. when he came back he had a dirty magazine and and a pack of beer.

So then the son asked, "daddy can i look at your magazine?"

and the father said, "its depends can your dick touch your asshole?"

The son replies, "no" so the father says,"then no"

Then the son asks, "Well, can i have some of your drink?"

And the father asks again, "can your dick touck your asshole?"

The son replies no once again so the dad says, "then no"

So they continue to drive and the dad pulls over to get his son some MMs from a store. And they keep driving and the dad looks over and says, "son can i have some of your MMs?" and the son asks, "Does your dick touch your asshole?"

The father replies,"yes"

So the son says "Then go F**k yourself, these are my MMs
yeh cmon please please please we know everyone loves a good joke and a good quiz we havent have many of them in a a while have we the new posts page used to be full of them! xxx


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Carmella said:
Yeah a joke/quiz page would be quality.

Talking of quizzes...i'm getting withdrawal symptoms..
thats what this section is for (free bench) basically anything not related to any of the other threads.

you could start a thread ..jokes of the day (or something like that) & anyone who has a joke can add it ??