what in your opinion are the sweetest songs ever?

hiya well im trying to think of what are my fave tearjerking songs ever. these are the ones outa my downloads :inlove:

here are a few of the ones i love!
Hero and Be with you - Enrique Iglesias
Vengaboys - Forever as one (how old am i again hehe)
Usher - Burn
Ricky Martin - Shes all i ever had and Nobody wants to be lonely
Paula Cole - I dont wanna wait (dawsons creek theme)
Nsync This i promise you
Natasha Thomas _ Over now (lacoste advert)
Moulin rouge- come what may and your song
Coyote Ugly - All of em hehe
Jessica Simpson - did u ever love somebody
Jlo - All I have
5ive - Closer to me
Girls Aloud - I'll stand by u
Britney - sometimes
Christina - I will be
Westlife - Flying without wings and Unbreakable
And i wont bore you with more but which do all you guys like? Really i just want extra downloads tooo hehe xxx


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I have LOADS, far too many to post so here are a few... (Some are very embarassing Teehee)

ALL of Eva Cassidy's beautiful songs
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Diana Ross - If We Hold On Together
Bette Midler - Wind Beneath my wings
Van Morrison - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Westlife - Flying without wings
Elton John - Candle in the Wind
Silent Night (I cry every time I hear it!)
Brandy – Have you ever
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven
Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World
Patrick Swayze- She's like the wind
Bon Jovi – Always
Leanne Rhymes - How Do I Live Without You
Phil Collins – Against All Odds
Mariah Carey – My All
Eternal – Angel Of Mine
The Brand New Heavies – You’ve Got A Friend
Shola Ama – You might need somebody
Something for the people – My Love is the shhh
Keith Sweat – Nobody
Backstreet Boys – I’ll never break your heart :eek:
Robbie Williams – Angels
Otis Redding - My Girl
Brian Adams - Everything I do
Michael Jackson - You are not alone
Aerosmith – Don’t wanna miss a thing
Will Smith – Just the 2 of us
Brian Adams – Please forgive me
All Saints – Never Ever
Honeyz – Love of a Lifetime
Boyzone – Father & Son
Usher – You got it bad
Sade – By your side
Bryan Adams "Please Forgive Me" i think is one of the most beautiful songs of all time! That man has the original sexy voice if you ask me. I love him :eek:
Took me some time to remember them all, and I am sure I forgot some after all... Here ya goes...

Shades apart - STRANGER BY THE DAY
Sade – By your side
Cure - Lovesong
Depeche mode - Enjoy the silence
Wet wet wet - Love is all around me
Metallica - Nothing else matters, Unforgiven 1,2, One
Sting - Russians, Fragile,
GnR - Don't cry, November rain
RHCP - Other side, Road trippin, Easily
UB40 - Where did I go wrong
Oasis - Don't go away
Kenny Rogers - Lady
The Cranberries - Zombie, Salvation
Rolling stones - Anybody seen mt baby

And many, many more......
Here is just a few.......

Bon jovi – always
Brian Adams – Please forgive me
celine dion with r kelly..Forget the name of the song!!
evanescence-My immortal
Brian Adams-everything i do i do it for you
Toni Braxton-un break my heart
Bon jovi-bed of roses
Guns N Roses- november rain
Prince- purple rain
Usher – You got it bad
Celine Dion_first time i ever saw your face
Celine Dion-Falling into you
Celine Dion-Power of love
whitney Houston- I will always love you
righteous brothers-Unchained melody
Damien rice- The blowers daughter
Kenny Rogers-lady
A lot of songs you all put down I really love....some more

Bette Midler - The Rose
Elton John - Nikita
Foreigner - Blinded by the light
Melissa Etheridge - Like the way I do
Joe Cocker - Unchain my heard
Rod Stewart - Do you think I sexy
Bon Jovi - In these Arms
Billy Idol - Cradle of love
Guns N Roses - Patience / Civil War
Shaggy - Strenght of a woman
Tina Turner - Proud Mary / River deep Mountain High
Pink - Trouble

and so I could go on and on....


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limerick_lad said:
celine dion with r kelly..Forget the name of the song!!
'I'm Your Angel' ... That is suuuuuch a sweet song. I totally forgot about it *Runs off to Download..*
x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
wind beneath my wings (i liked it better wen sum guy off 'londons burning'(if anyone remembers that) sang it)
Matthew Marsden?

God i love these kind of songs, I need u by westlife (sorry sarah) is one of those thats like AWWWWWWW and dangerously in love by destinys child off their survivor albums just lush, i agree with loads of the ones that've already been mentioned,

But id just like to stand up for all the boy bands lol... you remember Five? They were my life for about 4 years lol, they're amazing lol, n'sync, backstreet boys, yes even westlife... i mean where else r you gonna get all the slow dances at school discos from? And random poppy songs u can dance like a prick to?!!! And if there were no boybands, who would u have been able to crush over when u were young?!!! (and when ur not so young lol) that would be like, a whole part of your childhood just not there!!!!!

sorry, i think boybands are great lol


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x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
awwww me too! sarah u should watch a walk to remember that is soooo sweet i love soppy ones hehe!
Omg that film is the bombdiggity!!!!!!!!

I ball like a baby so easily. Even when i watch some of the Disney films, I go through a box of Kleenex. God Bambi is the worst, i cried for days after seeing that :eek:
Has anyone ever seen What Dreams May Come with robin williams in it? My god i could've cried for days!!!! And i am sam, LOVE sad films lol
Bewitched and the Spice Girls...oh the shame :doh:


oh "What dreams may come", i saw it in the cinema when it came out, its one of the weirdest most beautiful films ever, i cried a river watching that movie :( :cry:


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yeah they were hahah. Does anyone remember Daphne and Celest?

Now THAT was bad music. ooh stick youuuu ya mama too and your daddyyyyy haha God Britain brings out some shite music.

(I mean look at the cheeky girls!) Where else can you have a top 10 hit with the lyrics ''Touch my bum, this is life'' only in England!
LOL@ daphne and Celeste, hehehe, they had a long career didnt they!!!!!! and such writing ability 'you got big red eyes like cherry pies!'


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x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
omg mella! u must be like mah soul sister lol that film is sooooo the best my fave disney tho is beauty and the beast! u no my nickname without me tellin ya n u love moulin rouge to you r the bombdiggety!!
Hehe My net soul sista hehe... :kiss:

DAMN I love Beauty & The beast the most too!! (And the Little Mermaid) my two fave Disney movie's ever.
You know that song Belle sings when she's walking through the town..(look, there she goes the girl is strange,no questionnnnn)
Best.song.ever! haha I always bellow that out. God i feel like watching that film now actually...

x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
N i loved 5ive!!!!! they ruled!
HELL YEAH they did. I was madly in love with Scott! (Although they were all GORGEOUS!)
*Starts singing* Slam dunk da funk, put it up
If you got that feelingggggg.
I still have my old 5ive cd's :eek:

x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
ps. Lofty i think his name was summat (maybe michael) Houghton he played Greg
Joey you were nearly right chick hehe... He was called Stephen Houghton. (and played fire-fighter Greg Blake)
Carmella said:
Ha ha true! I can't believe I didn't watch it aswell! probs too busy playing sonic on the sega megadrive lol.

Oh myGod Mella do you still have a Megadrive????? :(

Im gonna cry, i lived the thing and my stupid brothers broke mine a few years ago :cry: :nf02: