try this its so hard

I looked also for 15 min....could not find him...!! Bummer, maybe someone else can !! Let's give a price for the one who finds it first !!!

...with promission of Mel, the one who finds Waldo first wins the 1st "Kusadasi Diet Book"!! :)

*keeps looking*
hahahahaahaa I am lying here at my desk....will not be able to work the rest of the afternoon !! :D :D Great one Sarah !!! The last one...OMG....gnangnanaanahihhiiiii hahahaha hohoooooo :lmfao:
kusadasigirl69 said:
lol the 1st one and the last one just tickled me hehehehehehehehehehehe god everone looking at me like im insane!!!
Well honey I think we are insane.....still laughing collegea is looking at my like I was a monkey on bike ?!?!?? :D :D :D

The 2nd one I could see, but 3 is enough !!

(ps did you get to see the articles from 1920 ??)


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Hahaha I found wally!!! (wtf is with those American's calling him Waldo? Booo!!!!)

ANDY -- GO AND FIND WALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and those other pictures Hahaha they're class!
i couldnt find wally its really hard but if u turn the sound up on ur pc u can hear helpful hints to find him but u gota look dead close at the screen!!I still didnt find him


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The trick is to be patient Sarah, the closer your eyes are to the screen the easier it is. Its really easy - dont give up just keep staring and blasting your speakers really hard for those helpful hints on where to find him!!!

Another tip: Sit in the dark, preferably PITCH BLACK coz errr you seem to get a better look at where Wally is hiding.
thanks mella il try that your the only person thats found him i wonder if any1 else finds him!ud have to have a sharp eye!!

Am giggling too much now :lmao:

INfact am like the cat in taht link!!!
You are not trying hard enough Sarah!!! lol

Mella is right, stare really close to the screen with the volume up pretty loud so you can DEFINATELY hear the wouldn't want to miss them :D :huh:

C'mon Andy, be our saviour...I know you can find Wally lol


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Yeah Go On Andy Pandy.. Only Special People Can Find Wally. You Want To Be Special Don't You?? Just Keep Your Eyes Open And Your Sound Up And I Garentee You Will Find Wally. Or He Will Find You.

Come And Join The Cool 'i Found Wally' Club With Me Babe!!!!