Must TO DO things in Kusadasi


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Hi all, let us discuss about "must TO DO things in Kusadasi". This thread may a guide for all of us especially new Kusadasi visitors.

Here is my list;

  • 1- Go to Ephesus, Virgin Mary House and Artemis.
  • 2- Go to Ladies Beach and have dinner with sunset.
  • 3- Go to National Park
  • 4- Try out some of the bars and nightclubs.
  • 5- Swimming on one of the many beaches.

I am waiting your lists ;)
I would like to spend my holiday in Kusadasi like this: hmmmm....let's see...

1. to do as many excursions as I can

2. to relax on the beach and to dance the night away in barstreet & beachclubs

3. to learn more about the Turkish people, their culture and traditions

4. not to stuff my stomach with junkfood, but real Turkish-cuisine (I luv Turkish food!)

5. to make a lot of nice memories and retain them with my digi-cam

6. to meet old friends again and make new ones

7. and last but definetly not pray in a Mosque

till next week :wave: xx
SpicyLady said:
1- Swim and have sunbath 8)
2- Dance every night! :evil:
3- Find a new BF :razz:
4- Dont cry when you back to home :cry:
Here is the my list

1- Go to Kusadasi
2- Stay at Kusadasi
3- Dont come back to home

The things I 'must do' this holiday are...

1. I must explore more...Not always stay on Ladies Beach!

2. I MUST visit Bird Island

3. I must keep my hotel room tidy aswell..because all my other holidays my room has been such a mess..I want to make it easy for the cleaners! 8)

4. And most important I must enjoy myself as much as I always do in Kusadasi...the best place! :cheesy:


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Ok, this is hard!! ONLY 5 things!!

(1) watch the sunset while enjoying a cocktail in one of the bars on Ladies Beach

(2) Have a Turkish Bath!!!

(3) Eat some traditional turkish food

(4) RELAX, lie on the beach, read a good book, listen to my Mini disc player & forget all about home! 8)

(5) Watch the sunrise, from my hotel balcony, over looking the sea. Very Peaceful!!!

2-Do a lot of seightseeing, cause there are so many things too see in, and around Kusadasi

3- Eat a lot of turkish food, cause it's the best :razz:

4- Do a lot of shopping

5- Go too as many diffirent beaches as possible, cause there r so many good once