Warning ! Msn !!

Hey everyone today MSN is sending viruses as a photo file from someone from your list and you actually send also to others but you are not awere of that ..Dont accept it its a virus can causes big problems in your Pc !!! There are so many people had this problem from this morning ..I just warn you before nto too late .
i dont open my messages anymore on msn now!!! i caught lots of viruses from my contact. Mc Afee isnt really a good quality anti virus!
Well right now virus have hidden files and its in your system volume information(back up files ) so everytime you restart your pc it will be back well right now i dont think any anti virus can delete this virus you should immeditly update your anti virus program, Unfortunetly this virus locks down your anti virus softaware as well so you cant use it ..Too badd too serious !!!
for more info about this virus how can you delete it

awwww i love it how sonny has midnight cowboy why midnight cowboy though? there cool i should be moulin rouge chick or summink hehe! or baby joey! hehe xx
Thanx for the warning Sonny! Luckily I've read it on time! All my pc needs now is another thing that would make it's condition even worse!