Eline ! (26 April - 1 October)

(again) at Umit's request !!

I will be (for the ones who doens't know yet... :huh: ) in Kusadasi from 26th of April untill the beginning of october !!

Everybody who will be there in this period of time (so that's everybody here, hahaha) can use this thread to contact me, so we can meet up !! :)

Love to see you all !!

xxx :kiss:



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Hey Eltje,

Wahoo, The time has finally arrived!!!!!! It really seems like only yesterday that your signature said ''6 weeks to go'' and now it's only ''1 day to go!'' Time sure flies by quickly!! Take care of yourself sweetie, I hope you settle in fast over there and find your feet without problems. :)

Have a great time & Maak er iets leuks van. (Ik heb dit al gezecht in jou blog)


:kiss: Carmella.
Thanks Mel and Charlotte, time really flys.....oepsidoepsi really getting nervous now.... Nice I see you there...in a couple of days Charlotte. !! we are gonna have soooo much fun !! I'll text you asap !!

Aaahhh an Mell your such a sweetie !! thanks for te reactie on my web-log, again you put a smile on my face....And you now go an better book your flight missie !! Can't be there all summer without ya !! :eek:

For all the other sweeties on the forum !! Hope to see you all there this summer, I will be waiting for ya :friends:
COSMO said:
Hi , eline c u soon don't forget 2 text me looking forward 2seeing u. have a good flight.
LOL just wrote your number down Sarah !! Deff are texting you and we sure are gonna meet up. Untill we don't have a job we can party onnnnnn !! Save flight for ya too babe !! ;)
eline u more and likely away already so have amazing time and hope to see your there, if anyone has eline number will you please send it to me.


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Hey welcome to the forums, Roppie.

Don't mean to sound like a trut, but you aren't allowed to post full messages in another language. Just the odd sentence here and there.

8- English is the "official" language of the forums. You're not allowed to base an entire thread on another language but you may post short sentences or remarks on other languages if it serves a purpose.
Btw, don't know how often our girl, Eline checks these forums anymore..but she works in a bar in Kus so maybe you can catch her there :)


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That's okay, schat. Now you know for the future :p

Look at your 2 pretty red dots. Be good and they might dissapear! lol.