Hi u guys,


I was wondering if it is possible to buy a (phone)card 4 my GSM in Kusadasi. Coz if I leave my (Dutch) sim-card and my friends call me from Holland, it will be all on my expense. I do it every year when I go to Morocco. So in this case I would get a Turkish cellnumber, but I don't long as I'm within easy reach, it's fine by me! Anyway...if anyone knows if and where I can buy it...please let me know.



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Thats so easy. You can buy a ready to use sim card at almost every GSM shops. But I am not sure your friends can call you from abroad...
you can try to send sms too, it'll be also very cheaper for you to call anyone abroad by a cellphone. or you can purhcase a phone card for a public phone too.