Chocolatehoney's visit 5th to 19th of may

Guys i'll be there 5th to 19th of may!!

I know already there will be loads of us there, so bar st better start preparing itself now, coz theres gonna be one hell of a party when we all get there!!

Watch out coz BBU will be out on the loose soon!! :p

Luv ya al!!
Dont worry mella!! I'll be sure to take lots of pics!!! I always tend to go a bit over the top with the camera, especially when i've had a drink :p Real shame your not gonna be there though!!
:D Se ya there Kirsty!!!

You have a three day head start on me so ya better warn them in Bar St that Hurricane Una is a blowing and due to hit Kus shortly ................ :D
Kristy, Una and Sarah...and me..that's lot of blondes to handle at once !!?? :D

See you their hunnies, I wil post here when I arrived in Kusa and we can pick a date to meet up in Barst.. :cheers:

Mell Babe, I will be waiting for ya !! :friends: