My Dad By Sue

Hi Guys I Just Want To Share Some Good News With You. My Dad Was Diagnosed Last Year With Bowel Cancer And Had To Undergo An Operation To Remove The Cancer And Also Had To Undergo 6 Months Of Chemotherapy And As He Is 77 It Was Touch And Go. He Is The Best Dad Anyone Could Wish For And As My Mum Is Also Sick It Was Really Hard On All Of Us . However Yesterday We Got The News That My Dad Got The All Clear At Least For The Time Being I Am So Thrilled And As I Know Some Of You Supported Me Through This Especially Una And Mella I Want To Thank You All For Caring. He Means The World To Me My Dad And I Am Definitely A Daddys Girl . Also I Know That Even Though We Are On The Forum And Have A Laugh At The Best Of Times We All Have Our Hardships And I Have To Say This Forum Has Hepled Me Immensley. Una Keep The Chin Up Girl

Love Sue


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flynns08 said:
This Especially Una And Mella I Want To Thank You All For Caring.
Honey, If you ever need to talk about absolutly anything, I'm always here to lend an ear.

You know how completly Thrilled I am with yesterday's news. I had my fingers (and La La) crossed for ages. It's brilliant and you must be so so so relieved. I even did a little celebratory dance when I got your SMS :eek:

Keep smiling...&...Up The Bokkers, Babe!!!!!!!!

Mella xoxoxox
I feel with you Honey, I know how hard it is when some one you love so dearly is sick. It must have been a very rough time for you and your family. And it's sooo important to have friends to talk with...or cry with or laugh with. And it brings tears to my eyes that you got such a good message about your father !

I lost a few people I loved (still do) very very very much and it's good to hear some people extually live trough brings hope.

So just wanne say I am very happy for you babe !! You got extra time to "enjoy life"with your daddie....use every moment !!

:kiss: :friends:
Hi Sue,

As I said I am thrilled for you and your family. It's always great to hear good news. He's definately a fighter and that is more than half the battle. I will keep praying that his good health wil continue for many more years.

As for me, I have my own special Guardian Angel (my Dad) looking after me now.

And don't forget I am always here :sweety:


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Hello Sue;

Thats a great news! You will be relieved when you arrive to Kusadasi ;)

We all love You Sue :friends:

Hey Sue, where is your man Viva? :huh:
Smilina said:
omg Sue, I had no idea that ur dad was ill. I am so glad that he is fine now hun. and trust me, I know exactly how u felt, cause my dad has also had cancer. unfortunately, he wasn't so lucky...
Sorry to hear that Smil! Feeling with you.. :sweety:

Thanks So Much Guys I Have Tears In My Eyes And Smilina And Una My Thoughts Are So With The Pair Of You And Eline. We Should Love Our Close Ones As Much As We Can The Short Time That They Are On The Olanet Cos Believe Me Time Is Precious And So Are The People We Love. Eline Hun I Am So Sorry For Your Losses As Well But Howabout We Celebrate The Life Of All Those That Are Gone And Also Celebrate And Delight In The Fact That Those That Have All Their Loved Ones Still Alive. I Know That My Dads Brother Is Now My Guardian Angel As Well Una. I Dont Want To Make Anyone Sad Just Happy And I Love You All Even Tho Your All La La
Umit Vivas Out Washing The Dishes And Doing The Ironing. I Will Tell Him To Give Ya A Call

Hi Sue,

Well babe I think of it like this.. The losses in my life were very hard but it's a part of life. And it made me the person I am today...and I am proud of that. For me my friends where very importand to help me deal, and I mean real friends!

On of the great losses was my granny she died 6 years ago and I still miss her every day. We had a very special contaction. But I know she still is with me and watching me every move... :eek:

But babe, you didn't make me sad, I really am very happy for ya !! :) So we sure must celibrate life and all it's beautifull expects !! :miranda:


im so pleased for you that everything has turned out ok. I have to say i can sympathise with you dearly as my dad is ill to.

I am so pleased for you and that everything turned out good in the end it is always nice to have a happy ending.

I have to say im my daddys little princess!!!


Don't worry Sue pet, I don't think you are making anyone sad. We are all too happy for you. :friends:

Also, you have to look at things in a certain way. Although there's not a minute of any day that passes that I don't think of my Dad, when I do think of him I smile. :) I even think a little piece of me died with him, but I will always be grateful for the time I did have with him. I had 29 wonderful years, I have so many memories, from my childhood, my teens and my adult life. Of course there were arguments and tears, but there was also a lot of fun and laughter. Some people never even get that much. So although I may feel sad from time to time, most of the time I feel blessed for what I had. You have to stay positive and look at the good in everything.

Ok, I'll shut up now. That's me done for today. ;)
Sue im delighted to have heard your Dad is in the clear, this must be such a relief for you and your family to hear good news. You can relax now and look to the future!!! I dont know what else to say hun im just very happy for you right now.

Live every moment like its you last, this is so true because life is short. I also have my very own guardien angel. :)

Love ya babe x
Great news for you chick!! Wasnt aware that he was ill but im really happy for u that he has been given the all clear!! What a great little community we have have here!! Its so good to know that your all supportive!

Some of you have written very kind and loving words to our mad bird sue and it makes me glad that im a part of a group of people like all of you!!
Smilina said:
I agree with u Eline. Losses are hard, but life has to go on. And if there weren't for my friends, who knows what'd be with me today. They were with me 24/7 untill I got over it (if one can get over something like that in the first place). And just like u, it made me the person I am today. Even though it hurts a lot, I became what I am today and I am, as well as u, proud of that.

It's importend to realise you are never alone in this world..And never ever forget inspite of what you have to deal with in your live, you always have a choise. With a loss of someone you can be depressed but you also can (as Una said) remember the great times you had together and be greatfull for that.

And one more thing... there is no need to be :eek: I believe that is true, too.
Well my granny told me that a day before she died.. :cry: and to think of that helped me in difficult times ! Thank you Granny, love you :bye:
Judy: you are right babe, we are becomming real friends here, sure can laugh together but a topic like this shows how much we care !!

Love you all Kusadasi Babes !!
We all are getting very emotional here.... I'll cry with you Judy :cry:

I must say it's really special to see whats happening here......We are the greatest girlies in the world !! Very proud to be one of you !!


*running of to someone to cuddle with*