guys i am sooo nervous get my exam results in 21 minutes oh my god my mum is gonna kick my arse!!! :confused:
i really should have done sum work!! :( has any1 else getting results today? even in lala land mella!!lol


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I'm sure you'll have done great, You probably studied loads - and didnt post whore fun quizzes over the forums at all. haha :p
Let us know how you get on..

****ity ****ity ****ity ****!!

im in bigggggg trouble!!!!! u dont even wanna know i got girls!!!!!!! gonna have to join the que of resit entries!! its all my own fault, i spend to much time post whoring than doing my work!!!! :p
See, I told ya so....nag nag nag lol

Now stop being such a quiz posting whore and get your nose burried in your books :mad:

Only joking chick, don't worry about it. I ended up doing re-sits through most of uni, and look where I am now. (Ok not a very good example to use lol)

You'll be fine, we'll get ya through it girl!! ;)
Ohhh Hunny, I am feeling sorry for ya !! :( But as Una I did a few re-sits myself ..and I turned out right...Just do your best (very heard) now so you can have a bloody good summer !!

When are you're re-sits hun??

BTW wishing you luck with telling your mum.. :sweety:
thats the thing i most worried about i mite have to do it in may which is when i wanna go to kusadasi!!!!i just got get to work n stop messing around so much!!i just have a habit of waking up in the moring n thinking noooo to cold n getting bk to sleep n not going to college!!im droping biolgym tomorow theres no point in carrying on with it i dont understand it and i dont enjoy it!!!!as for THE mother i think i will go into hiding!!!lol
Will a hiding place in Holland be far enough ?? You're welcome !! :)

Oh well Girlie I will keep my fingers crossed then and hope you will make it in May... :confused:

Stop the internet-abuse and Study !!!!!!!

Love ya
hey babe

sorry you didnt get what you wanted but it is the worst thing in the world. Least you can resit them!!! and you know now you will work better for them this time round.

listen to me i sound like a wee granny!!! lol