Need people to Share Apt.

Hi Everyone,

A good mate of mine who is going to kusadasi on the 15th of May is looking for someone to share an apt, it fits 3 people! Her friends she had originally booked with can no longer go and she's determined to go out to Kusadasi on the 15th :( I would have shared with her if had known sooner as many of you know im going out on the 15th myself.

The holiday is booked with Budget travel, and she will be staying in the Golden Gate Apts for 2 weeks. flying from Dublin. Remember guys there is room for 2 other people in this apartment so if you know of 1 or 2 girls going to Kusi who dont mind sharing please let me know.

You can pm me!!! Please please help :p , oh and another thing dont worry she wont be hanging out of your lip because there'll be a few of us out there anyway!!

Thanks a million

Hello Everyone,

My good mate whos going to Kusadasi on the 15th of May for 2 wks needs someone to share her apartment. Her 2 mates have let her down and she still wants to go. The apt holds 3 people so if any of you know 1 or 2 girls who are willing to share with her please let me know. She's a lovely girl and she wont be hanging out of your lip for the 2 wks because im going with friends myself on the 15th.

So guys if you know of anyone please let me know or you can send me a personal message :) ! And if there's anyone reading this thinking will i wont i? just go for it don't be shy. He who dares, wins and all that!! You'll have a brill holiday and save a few bob in the process.

This holiday is booked with Budget Travel and she'll be staying in The Golden Gate Apartments, they're really nice apartments and the price is terrific, a real bargain.

Thanks a million

Jennyxxx :cool:

hey girl, me and me pal is going out start of june we need accomadation, so we would be up for sharing with your friend,,,you got and email add i can talk to u on...get bak to me soon
kendine iyi bak
Hi Shari, this holiday is already booked for the 15th of May until the 29th of May and its flying from Dublin, would this suit you and your mate? Can you send me a pm and i can give you my hotmail address. Cheers hun looking forward to talking to you.

Just mailed you! Have a read....
Chat soon Okay.

If there's anyone else out there thats also interested let me know thanks.
:( there MUST be people who wanna go to Kus in May.... Is she gonna go anyways??

Maybe she can place a thread at some of those world-travel sites...??

Really hope they can find someone.... :confused:
Hey Dutchbabe!!

I emailed that girl shari but didnt hear anything from her and for some reason i cant send her a pm and i asked her to send me one but she didnt!!! Because i will not put my email address up on the internet.

Im ok im going with Sue and we are going to have a ball, but unfortumately for my friend things arent looking good.

I thought there would be lots of interest!!
Hi Jen,

How sorry I feel for your friend, does she have to cancel now ??? :(

I know your are going with Sue and I talked to here already about meeting up with you, when you are I am certainly gonna see you !! :)

Well hope it works out for your friend, can't she turn her booking around and stay with you at your hotel ?? Just feeling bad for her.... :eek: