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My poor little girl Joanne is ill tonight and been throwing up on the bus on way home from a girls club .. me send her straight to bed and keep warm ... :( ....... hope she doesnt throw up again leaving me clean up YUKKKKKKK but i dont mind as im use to it ..
I see you're feeling better Jo lol :D

Don't be cross with your Mum, it's a Mummy's perogative to embarras their children. :eek: :eek: You will do it some day!!! (Of that I am sure and you will probably be worse lol) ;)
im in the process of getting better im still illish i couldnt go to school but i couldnt stay asleep so i been moping im meant to be going to a party tomorrow so i hope im ok i hope its just a 24 hour bug or somthing!hehe thanks for being so nice everyone xxx :friends: