Damn_Fine_Black_Girl 1-24th July

Hey all, im gonna be in Kusadasi in July, hope some of u will be around as i would love to meet. ;)

Going before that aswell april/may just dont know the date yet, but i will in a couple of weeks.
Fingers crossed and i'll see u there in may C!! And if im lucky enough i'll see u in july too!!!

Just hope they're playing more RnB this time for us to shake our asses to!! :p
Oh i hope they will play more of it to sweety, but i dont think they will :( anyway is still having fun, doesnt matter witch music they play.. I just wont dance :p
I think we will see eachother in May, bcause u will be there in the beginning, would be nice to see the people that r coming the 15th aswell, that would be great!
And i really hope u will be there in July aswell hun..

Take care
Hey Charlotte,

Hope to see you there in May babe. Remember the more members of BBU that are there the better.

This is gonna be great!!! :D ;)