Meet Up !!

Hi you all !!

Some of us think it's great to meet up this summer. To let everybody know I wanna make a list, when / who is comming. Then I will send it to you all and you can see who's the same time as you in Kusadasi!!

So give here your date ore PM me !! Please use this thread only for this .... !! Else :box:

Let's have a blast in Kusadasi this summer, meet up and :cheers:

xxx :)
Well since I started this thread I will go first.

I will be there from 26th of April untill half of oktober !!! :p

So If you want I can meet up with you al !!!



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Cool..i will definately see you then El. Wat Gezellig, joh!! :)

I'll be there ....*crosses fingers*

June 17th - The end of August