i dont know if i will be there this summer i'd love to meet everyone there! but i might go next year i dont know yet! I have the flu :( say hi to shannon for me wont u :D
Its was really diffirent seeing it like that bcause there wasnt as much open.. It wasnt totally dead, some of the bag shops were open, Regatta cafe, and 3bars in bar st (weekends).
But i liked it a lot, wish i could have stayed there for a longer time...
When there is not so many people around u get to so how beautiful it really is.
And it was so cheap!!!!!!!!!!
Kus must be really nice in january or february, when its empty... But i like Kus, for the weather too...
A fella told me that every seller r decoratin their shops now for opening them next month!!! I think ill love going to kus just at the begiging of the season, everybody might be happy at this moment!!!(cant wait, but evrybody know it yet)
Only one??? ha ha ha , it might have been a borin street in octobers end lol. Sure i prefer havin the choice between this bar n that one. I dont like stayin in the same bar all nite long. After 2 hours i feel bored, even in my favourite ones. Which was the only open bar?
It was nice weather when i was there, but really rainy during the nights.
Wish the danish weather was more like the turkish, its freezing here, can wait to go back!
Heard that in 2days it will be 19degrees down there :cool:
I liked bar st, eaven though there wasnt many bars open, it was mostely the local people, but there was also some tourists around. The atmosphere was great, turkish people sure know how to party :)