Top 10 HIV Signs - Symptoms

HIV and AIDS are associated with many physical and emotional problems. Take a look at these signs, symptoms and solutions.

1) Depression
Everyone has had days where they were feeling a little "blue". We all have been "down in the dumps" or felt "blah" But when these feelings last longer than a couple weeks you may be suffering from depression.

2) Diarrhea
Diarrhea can be a life threatening problem if not treated correctly and rapidly. But what can you do about this nagging problem? Take a look.

3) Thrush
We have all had morning mouth...that stale, pasty, bad tasting yuk that coats your mouth each morning. But never fear because with one good brushing, your mouth is as fresh as a daisy. But what if the bad taste and and white coating doesn't go away with a simple brushing? Then you may have the most common HIV opportunistic infection...thrush.

4) Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common problem in HIV and AIDS. Unless you are actively trying to lose weight by exercising and watching what you eat, weight loss is a serious problem.

5) Lipodystrophy

People infected with HIV are living longer and more productive lives. A large part of the reason is the introduction of medication combinations into standard HIV care. But with the benefits of medications also comes some unforeseen problems. One such problem is fat redistribution syndrome or lipodystrophy.

6) Lactic Acidosis

This emerging problem can make you sick, miserable, and can even be fatal. But what is lactic acidosis?

7) Sinus Infections

Your head feels congested and full. The pressure behind your eyes makes it hard to concentrate. The pounding in your head and face is relentless. The dreaded sinus infection.

8 ) Fatigue
Fatigue is a common problem in HIV and AIDS. To treat fatigue, one must decide what is causing the problem.

9) Nausea / Vomiting
Nausea is not only aggravating and can make you feel sick, when associated with vomiting it can be dangerous.

10) Burning and Tingling of the Feet and Hands
That burning in your feet can be very painful. But why do you have this and what can be done?