I love Kusadasi!!!!

Hi everyone
I'm new to this forum but very experienced about life in Kusadasi. We have owned an apartment in the Akyar complex in Kusadasi (near Korumar hotel) for seven years. We bought off plan and I can safely say that it was the best decision we ever made...I truly believe it is the best apartment complex in Kusadasi!!! We have recently also bought some farmland about 3 km from the town but with views of the sea and pigeon island..absolutely stunning. We hope to move over there for good in the next year or so!!! :eek:


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Hello Natalie;

Welcome to the forum. i splitted your post here becuase we would like to know more about you.

As i see, you are from USA, right?

enjoy your stay ;)


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:p :p

Welcome to the forums!!!

You are so lucky you are gonna be moving there in the near Future. The situation of your property sounds perfect..

Mella xox
hey natalie!!! welcome to the forum hope u like it! oooooohhhh u gotta tell us all about ya hols there and im soooo jealous ya moving there hehe well hope u find the forum useful and i hope u enjoy the picture that carmella included above hehe xxx
Hey girl!!

Welcome to the forum!! I already know your gonna fit in coz you love kusadasi as much as us nutters do!! Enjoy your stay and i look forward to hearing more about you and your time in kusadasi!!
Welcome Nathalie !!

So great you joined us...because you went so many years already to Kus...You surely can be a big help and source of information!!

so welcome and hope you enjoy it as much as I do !! :)