Did anyone ever eat in a restaurant called ANFORA? Or by any chance does amybody know the guys who worked there 2 summers ago, Victor(Zafer) and Michael(Mustafa)? Wud love to get back in touch with them. Would much appreciate your help!!
near bar street, I wish i cud draw a map but i'll try to explain! if you were standin at the jimmys end of bar street you would turn ritgh out of it to go down the hill and then next left, it was at that end of that street. It was upstairs u had to go up steps up the side of th building to get to it. Is that ringing any bells?
Hi Blondie,

The guys had a restaurant near the Mosque last summer and did really well. Michael has been in the army since you were there. A friend of mine is in contact with Savas, (Victor's brother) and so from time to time I hear how they're getting on. I was there 3 years ago with my family and we found them just brilliant. Then when I went back later that year on my own to see my boyfriend, they looked after me like a big sister. Sorry but I dont know where they intend to rent out this year.
thanks kusrose

thanks for your help, still no closer to trackin the guys down though!! can you find out through your friend victors email address or anything?
I remember a restaurant which was called Anfora. I went there in 2001, 2002 n 2003. It was on the third floor of a house n u could have a great Kusadasi's street's view. The manager had no hair, n in 2003 there was a little guy who worked in Jimmys in 2004. The only thing i no is when i wanted to go there in 2004, i didnt find it!!! It had became a bank or something like this...