Women !! Interesting facts

Interesting facts :

Did you know:

- Women blink their eyes 2 as much as men ??
- Men are 6x times more likely to be hit by lightning??
- Men lose about 40 hears a day, women 70 !
- Chocolate the most wanted food is for women, even 66% of women prefere chocolate above sex (lol well I am definate the exaption one that one :p )
- Men reach their sex-top years in theire late teens...women and 20 begin 30's..and they stay on their sex-top untill they reach end 50's begin 60's !! (good one for us Una, do we need to say ..I told you so !!)
- Women have more dreams then men
- The women's upperleg is about 1.5 times bigger then the men's
- Men sweet 40% more then women
- Men change their minds about 3 times more then women
- Women take more time for making decissions
- Men laugh more, harder and louder then women
- 1 out of 4 women cheet on their partners :p
Damn_Fine_Black_Girl said:
Thats pretty much sounds true :p The part i really hate, is the one changing their minds 3 times :nf02: that really pisses me off, i hate it
It pisses me of too, but well...they are men !! :p


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I would say women are just as indecisive as men.

But then again, we have much more difficult things to have to decide about..!!

Oh the Pink one or the black one? Hmm sexy high heels or comfortable high heels ? Ohhh skirt or dress? Clevage or legs? Hair up or hair down? :p
Hahaha, yeah thats true Carmella, that can be very hard to decide sometimes, and we often change our mind about it.
But men changes there minds all the time, if they have plans of something, and that makes me angry

Men Are Just Plain Stupid What More Can I Say They Change Their Mind Like Women Change Their Knickers. I Change Mine At Least Once A Week Whether Or Not They Need To Be Changed

Still Drunk Ah Help Me Fellow La Las


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I know it's so aggravating! I was meant to meet my homeboy Matt today... and plans changed about 15 times before we finally met up.

How can you they be able to read instruction manuals, always fix mechanical problems, do DIY, fix cars, yet they can't make 1 plan and stick to it. :doh: