what is your irish name??

Avril Egan

Ohw Avril.... :confused:

Did also another test there !

You will die at age 70 !! You're pretty average when it comes to how you live.

Okay...good to know :confused:


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Umit: Eoin O'Donnell (male)
Birhan: Orla MacMahon (female)

Kusadasi: Colm Kennedy (male)
Kusadasi: Maura O'Shea (female)



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I did Carmella a few times and got completely different names each time;

Clara Campbell
Chloe McGrath
Roisin O'Sullivan
Nuala Kennedy
Maura O'Neill
Juverna O'Brien
Kayleigh O'Donovan
mines Isobel Duffy ewww i prefer joanne xxx
then Nicola Guiness , Aishling Joyce, Shauna Ryan, Alannah Clarke, Grainne Smith and Maura O'Carroll then they are just getting too old
My irish name is Caitlin Campbell

Which is odd cos my actual irish name is Padraigin Nic Suibhne which means Patricia daughter of the MacSweeney!

All these names that are comin out are not really irish lol


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Judy said:
that is my name!! lol how do u pronounce the first name?
I dunno where the Quizmaster is getting these ridiculous names from..

I think it's pronounced AH-LA-NA-AAAAAAA or ALAN - NAHHHHHHH. I don't know.. :p