Gumbet here i come :)

Ello everyone :)

new to this so i hope everyones ok

Im Going to Gumbet, on June 4th, so was just wondering if people could tell me wat its like, if anyones goin or will be there at same time or owt like that really

if anyones on msn ask me and ill give u my addy and we can talk there

hope to hear from ya soon

hmm didnt u send this post before hehe!
well i found this abt it

Though officially it remains a suburb of Bodrum, Gumbet has grown to become a resort in its own right, with its own special character, temperament and appeal. Some of the most popular hotels of the region are to be found in and around Gumbet Bay.

The long sandy beach is undoubtedly a great attraction, but it's the combination of the sea, sun, sand and fun that makes Gumbet so popular.

The fun part of course, is its rollicking night life lived in its multitude of pubs, bars and discos, some boasting air-conditioning and sound-proofing. A different kind of fun is to be had on the water where water sports are practiced with flair.
Because the beach is within an easy walk from most hotels and the central area,

Gumbet is also a favorite with many families with children. It's a place favored the young and young at heart.

and this too

Gumbet is located on the Southwest coast of Turkey and is a 50km transfer from Bodrum BJV airport. This purpose-built resort is geared towards younger holidaymakers, couples and families and is best suited to those who prefer beaches by day and bars and clubs by night. As a general rule, accommodation in Gumbet consists of middle grade hotels and budget apartments. There are a number of souvenir shops, fast food outlets and snack bars in the resort centre. During the day watersports are available on the light sand beach including water ski-ing, parasailing and windsurfing. Gumbet has good connections to Bodrum by dolmus (minibus), where there is a wider choice of shops.

hope it helps :D xxx

I was in Gümbet a couple of times, when i stayed in Bodrum.But it was in the beginning of the season so there was not much open, and not that many people around, so sorry cant help u so much.
It was nice there though, but kusadasi is my place... And its the best :p ... But im sure u will have lots of fun, i heard Bodrum/Gümbet is really nice in the high season.
Have a nice holiday :cool:


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Bodrum is nice, Gumbet is average.

It's nice to have the two resorts next to each other so you can visit both. Bodrum is more 'mature''s nice to eat out there and meander round the shops, whilst Gumbet is party central. Lots of pubs and clubs. It's got a bangin' Bar Street, there's always lots going on and in high season it feels like half of England and Ireland are in Gumbet. I had a great holiday there, I'm sure you will too.

Take it easy. xoxo
but by looking at them crazee' boys website it sure does look fun but im absolutely sure nothing could compare to kus its my centre of the world!! i love it! xxx


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Yeah I am Kusadasi mad aswell...Shame in a way - Because it would make me nervous to go elsewhere in Turkey just in case I don't like it as much as Kusadasi..... :/

Sorry David But I Was In Gumbet And Bodrum Once And I Have To Say I Didnt Like Either But Then Again I Was Comparing It To Kusy So Really There Is No Competition. Just Scrap Your Plans And Come To Kusy.
I Have To Say That I Didnt Spend A Lot Of Time In Either Place So I Shouldnt Make General Asperations On Either Place. But Seriously Though Kusy Is Paradise On Earth And Enjoy Yourself Wherever Ya Go