I like this guys

I read this, its just a bit of a silly little peom this guys said but its the meaning thats important:

Did you ever go up to the funhouse to play
and look inthe mirrors there?
They bend up your face and widen your waist and alter the shape of your hair!
In one place your as big as a hot air baloon
in another as thin as a stick
First you're slim as a telephone pole
and everywhere alse you are thick.

Some people are mirrors reflecting to us
an image we realy are not
If we listen to all that these people will say
We've been blinded to all that we've got
Some might say that your honoury or stupid or weird
Some might say that you're stuck up or fat.
But in others you'll view a reflection of you
that doesnt have any of that.

You've also got teachers and parents and friends
Whose reflections are true and correct.
When peers say your homely, youre haughty, you're dumb,
God says, "You're my child, you're elect"

So take out some paper and pick up a pen
and write down what others may say.
Then turn the page over and fill it with things the Lord and the Prophets convey.
In one place you'll have all that others have said,
Some true some are hard to concieve.
Then turn to God's side and ask of yourself
Which side am i going to believe?!


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Bagsy I get a tenner for every 'lol' in that sentence :p

Oh & I Hope you're feeling better Shan sweetie xxxxxxxxx


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*or for every 'x' kiss you write at the end of your posts.

*or for every heart '<3' I do...

*or every 'luv ya' Judes writes at the end of her posts

*or every bit of usefull info Kez brings us

* & every '!!!!!!!' exclamation mark sarah does

CHA CHA CHINGGGGGGGG $$$$$$$ we'd be rollin' in it, y0.


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x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
lol it must have taken u ages to think of all them
Lol nah all of 2 seconds..I always notice what people post alot. Their charachter really comes through on each and every post they make. Wtf am I on about ha ha.

Yeah if we even got 1 quid for everytime we have spoken about tele or films or done a quiz we would be kazzilllionairbillionairmulti****meillionairs