Viva Bar, Bar Street, Kusadasi

Somebody please tell me you are aware of this place, right next to kitty o'shea's on bar street, up the stairs, the best turkish bar i know. If you havent yet tried, please do, im sure youll love it.
Must add though!!! If any of you guys are looking for a club to visit in Kus. May I suggest you try the ECSTASY!! Youll find it in the kaleci, fab all sorts of wild music. Makes me get down to the groove. R&B, Pop, Indie, Turkish, Smooth Grooves definate. Once you have mastered this club take yourself up to HILLSIDE ECSTASY!!! High up in the hilltops of course. FANTASTIC!!! Live bands, good music, open air fantastic lights. No way to describe the experience youll have to do it. God thinking about it makes me type faster with exitement.!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a Taxi there, and get the dolmus back there will be around 15 buses waiting to take you home!!!!!
u know i cant read this early in the day!!!not my fault my eyes have just opened a few hours ago!!!how cum i have never noticed this bar b 4??hmm is is the one with all the orange things on the walls??
well the entrence is quiet small, but when u r heading out from bar st. do u remember the tatoo shop? between that and kitty's the entrence is. also when u r standing outside Burger king fx, and look up u can see the sign VIVA and some rainbow colored lights
Lol, me and my mates noticed this bar for the first time in feb, obviously it was shut but we had a big discussion about whether or not it had been there in the summer lol, never noticed it before. Might try that one, anyone heard of like.... i htink its musta bar or sommit like that, right next to molly mallones opposite authentic, that was another we saw and were like....wat the hell?!!! lol. I swear these places just appear and dissapear outta nowhere lol