Finger DJ

Im sure Ive seen him on bar street somewhere!!! You always get one dont you! I can feel your sense of humour merlin........ must admit i am sniggering here at work.!


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merlin said:
Is this forum a front for some illicit going ons????

Hope so! lol

Come on guys! Fill me in! :p :p
Not that Illicit :p

Sue (flynns08) has a freind who frequents bar street ...a feline friend.

it has taken a liking to Sues legs on more than one occasion ..and sprayed her!! :confused:

Sue hates cats!!!!


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Nah.... there's no point in pretending any longer. We are a big buncha pervs. You will gradually find that out...

All we (well when I say we I mean me and Sue) talk about is yarak and got and occasionally a bit of bok and hairy basur. (although that might be because that's all I can say in Turkish... :huh: )