Kusadasi 5 day weather forecast.....

Thanks for the link Lee, you know I am a real weather-forcast-junky...lol Always check out every site with weatherforcasts.....really am gonna follow this one !! :)
Just checking the 5 day weather forcast,not looking promising hope it wams up soon im going in 5 weeks looks like i will be takeing my winter woolys :p
ruth xx

I can sympathise with the weather!!! lol it is horrible here!!!!

I hope the weather picks up for ya chick!!!!


Going the 1st May (only for a week :( )

Not staying in Kus though, will be staying in my boyfriends house this time (meeting his parents for the first time:doh: )

Where are you staying?
Oh well good luck meeting the parents, i remember my first time i was so nervouse :)
I will be staying in Kusadasi, cant wait to go back again, love the place.
well at least u will have a week its better then nothing. witch city will u be going to then?
NearEphesus, but only about 30mins from Kus by car, so its fine, will be able to pop in and out!

Your partner is Turkish? How did you find the whole meeting with his parents?! Im quite terrified!