hi i would like to down load some turkish music but my dad said i need a turkish web page can some one please help
it would like sertab new albem
and tarkan's as well
any ideas ?
melin i am not after mp3 i waunt the full albums
you see evry so oftem sharon dose a party and this time it
"turkish night" with food and drink and dancing
so sharon needs misic
can you please help
Looks like we need a private FTP here? I have over 100,000 mp3 at the hotel. We dont use CDs at all for hotel entertainment but use solely mp3.

Kizim, get the mp3 for now of the full album and I will get you a proggie to convert to .wma which will then work in any CD player.

No probs!

Mods! can we get an FTP up?


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not good with computers
what an ftp?
It stands for file transfer protocol. Its The File Transfer
Protocol for transmitting files between systems on the Internet.

What it stands for aint important but its basically a private online depot where files can be posted and others who have permission to access the same can access.

Basically, I could upload to the FTP (depot) and you could access and download. However, if it was on the owners might get the hump for 2 reasons. 1. Content might be unsuitable for a site where the owner of the server is bound by terms and conditions. 2. Bandwidth. Bandwidth for server owners is expensive and I would imagine large amounts of downloads would severely impact the performance of this site.

Whats the answer? Well, we could find a free server where you are limited on depot space and then anyone could pull off what we upload. The downside is that as soon as the owners of the free host find out whats on there it is usually deleted.

I will speak to Admin and see what he suggests ok
what about i sent you some enptey cd to turkey to the hotel , you do your thing and send them back ?
admin waunt do it
so we will have to come up with somthing else
patry is the 9 th of april open flat so if you can come more then welcome , all turkish food cooked by me
p.s went to get the rakiee the other night £12 in sheffield for a little bottle £12

claire why pay when there is the internet ?


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all turkish food cooked by me
Thats enough to put us off.

Just kidding. I bet it will be fun, I have your address, so don't be suprised if you get a knock at the door :p


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claire why pay when there is the internet ?
well...if you cant find what your looking on the net ...Amazon is an option & will easily get to you by 9th april!! :)

just looked on my download sites ...wanadoo has both Tarkan & Sertab (again you have to pay, but less than buying the album itself) LINK HERE
mrs pelivan is coming from london can not waight to see her , i've told her as well she has to bring all the wedding photos , i havent seen all of them
OK Claire here goes!

go to Click Here

Type in who you want (artist) ie. Sertab Erener

Then a list will be displayed of all for that artist.

Choose the one you want and click PLAY

You will then get the option to SAVE

Save to your computer.

Ok you now have the MP3

Grab all the MP3s you want and I will later in this thread explain how to convert them to .WMA files OR if you have Nero Burning Rom, I can easily explain how to convert and burn to blank CD

Yavus Yavus (slowly slowly) you will be an expert by the time the party comes!

Have you never thought of collecting .MP3s and using a cable from your sound card to your amplifier and using Winamp as your DJ program????

Very easy and auto fade and mix is available from one track that finishes to the next that starts