post easter diet!!!!

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HAahaha no they probally wont bcause they dont got the balls to do it! and here they go calling us the weaker sex.. pfff if only they knew what us women r doing. then they would bow down and praise us! and they should :)
Yeah, I once convinced a boyfriend of mine to wax the crown jewels, he ended up with 1 fury ball and 1 bald one. It brought tears to his eyes, he wouldnt let me finish. He complained about the itching. Tried to tell him it doesnt itch after about the 3rd session of waxing.
He wasnt having any of it.


First time I did the bikini line, I bought immac. Put it on and waited 15 mins. During my waiting time put on my dressing gown and went for a smoke. Dressing gown smeared some of the cream and when I finally got rid of the resedue. WHAY HAY...... PUBIC ALOPECIA. Thats how it looked..... YOU LIVE AND LEARN GIRLS.....

you lot are all mad!!!!

men are to afraid to get waxed well some of them anyway!!!! and it does hurt like!!!

but they complain at us for being weak bout time we showed them who is the more superior sex!!!!!!!!!!

what ya say girls?



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Lol girl power!

I'm a size 10/12, But I want wobbly bits tho!!!! - where is the special boob transporting tube you said i could have 3 sizes Joey :( :p
star said:
got a good mind to sit in the regatta with just a bekiney ow , that will upset harkan seeing as he works there as the bar man
Star you are SO obsessed with Harkan - Nisanli Nezaman? (When you getting engaged)
Damn_Fine_Black_Girl said:
Hakan and Sharon :huh: owwww something tells me that that wont happen. not bcause there is anything wrong with them, i just wont happen, pretty sure of that :)

And there was I hoping for a Forum wedding 2005!

Damn_Fine_Black_Girl said:
Well who knows 2005 is not over yet. But there wont be a wedding between those to, almost % sure
Whoah! I feel a vote coming on! LOL

Should they..... Shouldnt They..... Belki Baska Kimse Burada! (Maybe another couple on here)
Getting back on Topic

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Dunno if it works maybe the only thing that will be lighter is your wallet - its 22 dollars to register!
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