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If I was to make the decision to live in Turkey, how would I obtain Turkish Nationality... How could I get my kimlik? I am getting divorced from a Turkish National... does that affect anything. Is there a specific length of time I must stay there before I can apply. I heard that being married does not automatically entitle you to Turkish nationality, apparently you must stay there 2 yrs now before that option becomes available. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi Toksoz

Foreigners who plan to stay in Turkey for more than three months should apply to security authorities (Emniyet) and fill in a declaration in order to obtain a residence permit.

Foreigners who have arrived in Turkey for the purpose of working must obtain a residence permit within one month beginning on their arrival dates.

They must have received the permission before the start of work, in any condition.

Residence permits are obtained from the local police. If the claimant or the head of the family has already been granted a work permit, the residence permit will be extended easily.

Documents needed are as follows:

The documents requested from working foreigners are:

Photocopy of work permit provided from Under Secretairat of Treasury

A petition written on the company-titled paper

Passport and a photocopy of the passport

4 declarations (Typewritten)

7 photographs of the applicant

The documents requested from the ones married to a foreigner are:

Explained sample of population registration received from the Directorate of Census,

7 photographs of the applicant and a petition,

Passport and a photocopy of the passport,

4 declarations (Typewritten)

Granting period:

The term of the residence permit is determined with respect to the regulations, the provisions of the contracts signed with the foreign governments and especially with respect to the request of the applicant.

The residence permit lasts, at most, for 5 five years.

The term may be increased or decreased by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, upon consulting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with the “reciprocity principle”.

The permit may be extended for only four times.

If all this seems confusing dont let it worry you. Basically the Emniyet in Aydin has very friendly (non English) speaking staff. Best way to get Residency IMHO - if you are female,

1. find a Turk who is single.
2. Have a Turkish bank account with funds present - a photo copy will be required.
3. English bank statements showing funds present.
4. Your passport with at least 3 years remaining.
5. At least 16 passport size photos.

6. A box of pens and a couple of reams of paper!!

He He - (6) is used as a gift to the department processing the application!

If the Turkish guy that is accompanying you explains you are planning to marry, you may well find your application is turned round within 24-48 hours.

Not sure of the cost now but heard recently that someone paid 1000YTL for a 5 year residence permit.

Mine cost 300YTL!

If you get stuck Toksoz, I will go to Aydin with you. I know there is an office in Kusadasi, but Aydin is the main office and I have much faith in a quick turnaround.
Have a Turkish bank account with funds present - a photo copy will be required.

How do I obtain a Tax number in order to open the bank account??

Will It matter that I plan to divorce, should I not tell them If I dont will they have any reason to contact my husband.???
Thats simple and its free

Its called a Vergi Kimlik Numerasi Karti and we can pick one up in Aydin in under 5 minutes, supporting ID is required, Passport
toksoz said:
Will It matter that I plan to divorce, should I not tell them If I dont will they have any reason to contact my husband.???
Slight problem here because your Kimlik shows whether you are married or single.

It really depends at what stage the divorce is at when you apply for residence. Personally I would wait until after the divorce and then apply - saves having to get your ID card changed to show that you are single AFTER the divorce.
Your probably right, thanks honey for the advice, your like a little Turkish Knowledge base!!! Ill be bugging you later for more information no doubt! x